Remember One Of The Greatest Maestro – Mr. Erich Kunzel

Posted on Apr 8, 2015 in memory, Thank you

220px-Erich_Kunzel,_2006_National_Medal_of_ArtsMr. Erich Kunzel – One of the Greatest American Orchestra Conductor, often called the “Prince of Pops”. We had a pleasure to perform with Erich Kunzel on many occasions. It was his vision to put us (Duo Design ) with the symphony.

Our first performance was with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra in 1999, we where performing with Bolero Ravel. It was a big success, this was a perfect much for music and cirque world. This open the doors to attract audiences of all ages to the symphony music.

There is no day past by that we do not talk about Erich, how great, happy, supportive  person he was. He will stay in our memory to the end of our lives.

RIP Erich

Concert review WITH ERICH KUNZEL

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